Notre galerie

On a tous une histoire à raconter à Anjuna…
Parce que venir à Anjuna signifie souvent (toujours) passer un moment mémorable, c’est un bonheur de conserver en images ces instants hors du temps en bord de mer. Un cocon où fête et rires s’entrechoquent et dont on garde un souvenir à vie.

food anjuna restaurant beach Eze sur mer
anjuna restaurant exterior design
dancer show during the day for party at anjuna beach
painting at anjuna beach club restaurant Eze sur mer
fresh cocktail at anjuna beach restaurant
drink some rosé wine for your day at anjuna beach club
Anjuna beach dessert with passion fruit
Anjuna restaurant desert with strawberries
Anjuna restaurant beach club design
Anjuna beach restaurant sitting table sea view
Anjuna beach restaurant Eze-sur-mer yacht service
Anjuna beach restaurant dinner
Anjuna beach restaurant design interior night
Anjuna restaurant oysters food
anjuna beach restaurant sunset view
sun bed Anjuna beach club sea eze sur mer
fish and lobster food anjuna restaurant
food tomato oyster anjuna beach restaurant Eze-sur-mer
Anjuna restaurant fish food
Anjuna beach restaurant bottle wine
anjuna beach sitting table
Anjuna's vintage motorbike in the restaurant
Lobster dish
Main courses to enjoy your day
A night dinne at Anjuna beach restaurant
A family chooses their meal overlooking the sea at Anjuna
A waitress brings a botlle of Dom Pérignon while putting on a show
6 sunbeds facing the sea to enjoy the sun at Anjuna
A sunset dinner overlooking the sea
A waiter brings a bottle of red wine from Lacoste Borie
this is the Anjuna cap collection
People dress up and enjoy the party with a bottle of Dom Pérignon
A waiter brings a customer a dish of braised chicken
Truffle pasta at anjuna beach restaurant
Anjuna cocktail bar
fun tee-shirt party girls dancing
The Anjuna restaurant sign with its surfboard
Anjuna beach restaurant food sea boat
family enjoying their lunch with a glass of wine
One of the best fruity cocktail for summer
A sunset evening at the Anjuna restaurant
People like to drink a bottle of rosé in the sun while partying
Women wearing a straw hat smiles as she enjoys a good time at Anjuna
Three men dance and sing with a microphone during an afternoon at Anjuna
A girl parties at Anjuna and loves her afternoon
A men and a women wearing atypical costumes
A happy man enjoying his afternoon at Anjuna
group of friends party happy eating great food
Night view of the restaurant from the beach
When people order a bottle of Armand de Brignac
A botlle of Armand de Brignac champagne
Shrimp dish
Anjuna restaurant table ready to welcome a large number of guest
people dancing, a waiter brings a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne in disguise
A prawns dish
Two waiters bring a seafood platter in the form of a boat
girl chilling party beach club happy having a good time
A magnificent lobster for dinner
family enjoying their meal at Anjuna
night, party, sunset food music
a group of dancers are here to party with you at Anjuna
a dessert show brought to you
men and women enjoying their day partying at Anjuna
bottle of Christal de Roederer party music dance fun
this is the menu of Anjuna
Anjuna's magnificent cocktail bar
View of the Anjuna restaurant from the beach club entrance
a shrimp boat
grils dancing and having fun at Anjuna
the sea view when you take place at Anjuna beach club
Moutain and sea views from the Anjuna beach club
A good pavlova for a birthday dessert
A table ready to seat 6 guests
french fries with and without truffle
summer cocktail sunny day music party friends family
This beautiful view is from the Anjuna beach club french riviera
Some appetizers and vegetables you can order for a healthy meal
Anjuna restaurant table with sea view
fun costume for party at Anjuna beach club
people love dancing during a night at Anjuna
people love taking photos with anjuna's vintage motorcycle
party, dance , music french riviera Anjuna
beach club restaurant view french riviera
some beach club caps in différent colors
5 people take a photo of their visit at Anjuna
Bono and his family having a good time at Anjuna's
A group of 5 people take a souvenir photo at Anjuna
Estelle Lefebure enjoy an afternoon at anjuna
Gerard Jugnot is happy to have spent a day with us
Matthew Perry love is day at Anjuna
Tarek Boudali is happy to have spent a day with us at Anjuna
Prince Albert of Monaco spends some good time at Anjuna's